Seniors and the Elderly


One of the biggest concerns that seniors express is the desire to remain mobile. Mobility means independence and allows us to participate in our daily activities.

Mobility is not only dependent on the ability of your joints and muscles to move properly. Mobility is also a function of the nerves that control those muscles and joints. It is, therefore, essential that your nervous system be functioning at its maximum potential and free of interference from subluxations.

People under chiropractic care report that they not only have better mobility, they also experience a better quality of life and more freedom that comes from increased mobility.

Function Better

Proper function is a key factor for experiencing good health. You cannot be truly healthy if parts of your body are not functioning at their highest potential.

Most people know that the nervous system controls the function of muscles. Also important is that the nerve system controls the functions of all your internal organs and systems. It is, therefore, vital that the nerve system messages leaving the brain arrive clearly to all the organs and systems of your body.

Any interference from subluxations with the signal between your brain and your internal organs will result in those organs not functioning properly. The end result is ill health.

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